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February 6, 2019

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8 Creative Ways to Boost Business with Print Advertising

August 14, 2018

Odds are, you and your business are under utilizing the print medium. In an age of technology overload, many companies are choosing to establish their brand name by getting back to paper. Materials that are on print have shown to be viewed as more credible and memorable than electronic counterparts. Here are 8 ideas to get you started thinking about how to use print to set yourself apart.



1. Company Calendars




Two words. Conversation. Starter. A Rhombic Dodecahedron is a 12 sided figure that can be turned into a novelty full year calendar. 365 days a year your customers will regard your calendar as their favorite desk decoration.




2. Wearable Accessories


Let customers become your walking billboards! Paper hats are an inexpensive way to give your business an iconic brand. These collectors items are a big hit for the whole family. Are you trying to stand out even more? Try paper glasses!


These call for a photo shoot. This is an avenue that few have taken, making it a huge opportunity to stand out! 



3. Unique Business Cards



Try a business card that will have people begging for your company's information. Business cards are the finishing touch when making a first impression. Go the extra mile and leave them in awe.






4. Direct Mail That Stands Out


Who wouldn't engage with this? Direct mail is a tried and true advertising form that can be mastered by any business. The key with direct mail is to create urgency or provide value. Try an out of the box item or service to stimulate interest.




5. Banners


As the saying goes, "Go Big or Go Home!" Demand attention while boosting your professional appearance with a large format sign. Personalize one so it looks stunning and clearly broadcasts your message to those walking by.  




6. Sell Sheets


Sell sheets are way more than just a flyer and if you aren't implementing them, you are missing out. If done correctly, you can go ahead and sit back while the sheets do the selling for you. Bring your product to life and highlight the major benefits, then all you'll need to do is show your buyer where to sign.




7. Stickers


Sticker marketing is an undeniable trend going on right now. People love to decorate their laptops, water bottles, cars, bike helmets, phones, etc. Small businesses can thrive in this niche because customer love to support their favorite stores, and stickers are one of the most effective ways of word of mouth marketing. 




8. Loyalty Cards



If you don't believe these are right for your business, you may be under estimating the power of loyalty cards. It costs five times as much to attract a new customers than it does to retain a current one. Every type of business can reward their customers in a way that will keep them coming back.





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