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February 6, 2019

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Choosing a Printer

October 24, 2018

Choosing a commercial printer can be confusing to any business, or organization.  There are so many options, for example: printing companies small and large, online printing companies, and some specialty printers that only do very specific printing.  You need to consider the following items to help determine who you will need for the job; volume, budget, project expectations and complexity of your project. 


If it’s a small project like business cards, personalized greeting cards, small volume of calendars or invitations, you may be able to do this quickly and inexpensively with an online printer.  Some of the advantages of using an online printer; 24-hour ordering, online creation and editing of your project, no interactions with a human and quick payment services.  The ease of this process can sometimes come at the expense of quality and timing.


Though online printers are convenient for somethings, they are not always convenient when you need your project by a certain time and date.  Sometimes commercial printers can have your project to print and ship, or pick up, in less time than an online printer.  One of the biggest challenges when using an online printer is the lack of approvals and color execution, so you need to be sure to proof your project and be prepared to settle if the color doesn’t meet your expectations. 


Using a commercial printer is something to consider when you’re looking to order a large volume of printed items, for example, brochures, books, calendars, catalogs, menus and business forms.  When ordering a large volume from a commercial printer, they can be more competitive in price.  If there is an ongoing need for this type of print, building a relationship with the printer would be beneficial in so many ways. Using a commercial printer offers you the luxury of working with people who are hands on and can show you a sample of your project before the entire piece prints and ships. 


At La Crosse Graphic’s, we are a commercial printer with a talented customer service team that will guide you through the process, starting with a free quote, and work with you through every step of the ordering/production process, all the way through to delivery.

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